Branding is one of the most important aspects of a business. A typical brand will include things like a logo, business card, letter head and envelope. In today’s society there are many other elements that are in use to flex your companies logo. Branding is what you use to identify with your customers/consumers. Having a solid brand will help you communicate with your audience. Let Jake C Designs create your Brand Identity today! Click on the images below to read more.

Web-Design & Content Management

Web-Design is one of my favorite specialties. I have advanced knowledge in HTML and CSS and am very comfortable with front end development. I love to use WordPress for front ended websites and have experience with Elementor. While I am still learning S.E.O.(Search Engine Optimization), I have been successful so far. A Website for your business could mean the difference in competition. With the right combination of clean graphics and smooth aesthetics you will come out on top. Click the pictures below to view my Web-Design and Content Management projects.

Editorial & Layout

Editorial design focuses more on creative typography and content. Good editorial design can grab the attention of a viewer flipping through a magazine. If you don’t grab the attention of a reader within an eye glance then you have failed. On the other side if you get them to read even one sentence then you have been successful. 


Logos are a super important part of a business. Don’t get logos confused with brand identities because they are their own entities. Not every client is ready to receive a full branding and might want to start out with a logo. Below are some examples of my logo work. Although every client wants something different I try to stick with my style. I love to use positive and negative space to grab anyone and everyone’s attention.